Secure Coding for C# Developers

WHERE: Crowdcast
COST: Free
REQUIREMENTS: You should be familiar with C# / .NET 7 and ASP.NET web development.

This series of webinars is designed to help developers understand and get better aquinted with information security concepts. These days, taking security lightly leads to breaches and compromises, and the concepts and techniques covered in this series is fundemental and foundational to professional development proctices that look at requirements and software development concerns with a security mindset.

Topics will incluide:

  • SDLC and Security concepts
  • OWASP Projects and their importance
  • Secure cookie and session management
  • Validation and user input
  • Injections
  • Error handling, auditing, and logging
  • API Security
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Working with Sensitive Data

Meet your Instructor:

Alex has spent the past 30+ years working as a software developer, application architect, cybersecurity professional, and technical trainer. He is a lifelong learner and holds over 20 active certifications in IT. Alex is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He has taught at Rutgers University, Bergen Community College, County College of Morris, College of Southern Nevada, and UNLV. He holds a BS in Software Development and a Masters in Cybersecurity from Western Governors University. As a developer, Alex works with Java, C#, and Python helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their vision from a technical perspective. He also works as a virtual CISO, performs penetration testing, and educates businesses and individuals on the importance of cybersecurity.  You can reach out to him at [email protected].  

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