Personal Cyber Security

Services for individuals and families that help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Security Check-Up

$ 149 95 one-time engagement
  • One-on-one Security Awareness Training (60 min)
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Dark Web Scan
  • Report Card / Recommendations
  • Access to private LVIS Facebook Group

Personal Security Pro

$ 199 95 one-time engagement
  • External Vulnerability Assessment (One IP Address)
  • One-on-one Security Awareness Training (60 min)
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Dark Web Scan
  • Report Card / Recommendations
  • Access to private LVIS Facebook Group
What is an external vulnerability assessment?

Your internet service provider (ISP) provides your home with a unique identifier known as an IP address. That IP address is accessible via the internet. All of the internet-connected devices and services within your home "speak" to the outside world through that IP address. The external assessment looks for "open doors" within your network from outside of your home. Our review checks to ensure that none of the devices expose your private data to the outside world. This includes a check for open ports (channels on which various devices communicate) and that none of your externally available devices (including your router) have any default credentials in use.

What is an OSINT/Dark Web scan?

The dark web refers to content that isn't indexed by search engines and that requires special software or authorization to access. Because of its anonymity, it is used for the sale of drugs, illegal software, and people's information. It's not uncommon to see credit card numbers, exposed lists of data from breeches, social security numbers and credentials of compromised individuals. Our scan helps identify if any of your information is available on the dark web, so you can proactively deal with the situation, rather than becoming a victim.


Once a cyber security event occurs, we're working to remediate and deal with a situation. But what if you could avoid the even in the first place? Security Awareness is the best defense against most cyber attacks, and our consumer-friendly, short courses get to the heart of the matter, without wasting your time.

Las Vegas Information Security Private Facebook Group

Chat with other group members and our cyber security experts about topics that are important to you. Ask questions, and join in on our free talks and webinars to expand your knowledge and be better prepared for cyber attacks!

Report Card & Recommendations

Once our tests are complete, we provide you with a scorecard that identifies your risk score, potential areas of concern, and what you can do about them. We'll cover these items with you in the findings report, email, and chat. Optionally, a phone call or a Zoom conference call can be scheduled to review your findings.

Protect What Is Yours

We live in unprecedented times.  Our children, trying to make the best of studying from home, are asked to pay a ransom to submit their homework.  Our identities are stolen.  Our credit cards are used without our knowledge.  We’re losing our jobs because our home networks allow our work data to be compromised while we are working from home.  Our parents and grandparents are being scammed out of their retirement savings and social security.  Internet-related scams are up 600%.  

Our personal cyber security package has been designed to ensure that you’re not one of the many victims of cybercrime.  Hackers look for the easiest targets, and by securing your home network and being better prepared, you significantly reduce your chances of being a victim.  

This program helps identify and mitigate compromises that hackers could exploit.  With certainty, can you say that your home network is adequately secured and that no one is spying on your daily internet activity?  Are you aware of what your kids are doing online?  Do you know if all of your online devices are secure and aren’t exposing your banking, identity, or credit card information to the outside world?

Our services are highly confidential and provide you with peace of mind in today’s chaotic world.  Contact us today at 702-637-4585 or via email at [email protected] to get more information.  You can also use the Facebook Chat option here to talk to us live.

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