Small Business Cybersecurity Certification

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The Program

The Small Business Cybersecurity Certification Program (SBCC) is designed to help small organizations establish good habits when it comes to cybersecurity. The program provides guidance and support through risk assessment, defining policies and procedures, and employee security awareness training. Statistics show that organizations that follow these guidelines can significantly reduce their chance of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

How Does a Business Get Certified?

To achieve certification, the following components are evaluated:

  • Risk Assessment - This helps identify all critical assets of an organization. Once the assets are identified, the risk assessment helps identify potential risks against those assets. The identified risks are then mitigated to an acceptable level.
  • Company Policies - It is important that employees follow a set of guidelines when conducting business. The company policies guide best practices for handling sensitive data and other aspects critical to a successful operation. Reduce human error, and achieve consistent outcomes.
  • Security Awareness Training - By educating your employees in being able to identify and mitigate fraud, ransomware, and other potential cyber crimes, you set the stage for a 70% reduction of a possible breach.

Once complete, the business receives a certificate of compliance, a logo that can be used on the company website, and a window decal that can be placed on doors and windows of the organization. This signals to your customers that you take their data and privacy concerns seriously and provide protection for handling their sensitive information.

What's the Cost?

For a small business with a single location and up to 15 employees, the cost is a fixed fee of $1,500. For larger organizations, please contact us at 702.637.4585 or via email at [email protected].

How Do I Enroll My Company?

You can call or text us directly at 702.637.4585 or use the link below to register.

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